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Friday, March 6, 2015

4 Major Depression Symptoms

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How can you tell if you are depressed? Do you know any major depression symptoms? It sounds like a silly question, but a surprising number of us may not recognize the signs of depression, although one in ten will have a severe depressive episode in her life.

"Many of us are afraid to speak of depression", says Dave Gallson, Society Associate Executive Director for disorders of the Canadian humor. This stigma exacerbates depression and is actually dangerous because it hinders many people to seek help.

Alexandra Kaey of the Canadian Mental Health Association agrees: "If someone has a physical disability, no one is to blame. There has always been a stigma attached to mental health problems. Friends, family and employers can act as if it was your fault or that you do not have the stamina to cope with the vagaries of life. Feel they have nowhere to go and reproaches they do to themselves then become invisible disabilities that takes place in their whole life."

Afraid to admit a problem perceived as a sign of weakness may lead to not pay attention to the dramatic and obvious signs as much as those who are subtle and hidden. We know that the suicidal thoughts, feelings of "worthlessness" constant fatigue and isolation from friends and family are signs of depression. By cons, many of us do not realize that chronic insomnia, irrational anger and pain and persistent pain can also be good indicators of major depression symptoms.

Unlike a simple physical problem like a viral infection or a broken bone, there is no simple test for depression; diagnosis is based on a variety of symptoms. Practitioners and Therapists seek a number of signs; if someone has a half-dozen of the main symptoms that persist for more than two weeks, a diagnosis of depression is likely.

"We show all the symptoms of different ways," says Kaey. "It is not easy to diagnose and therefore do not believe to be above all that. Be careful with your emotions and your health."

Could you be depressed without you noticing it? Here are four signs or depression symptoms that could indicate that you are in depression.

1. Gain or weight loss
Depression can lead to a total lack of interest in food, so that anyone can start losing weight without even realizing it. But the opposite can also happen: to fill the emotional void, some of us are turning to and the food and gain weight.

2. Sleep Problems
Just as appetite, physical changes can swing between the two extremes. You can find quite tired shot and sleep all day, or do not sleep a wink all. A particularly common form of sleep deprivation is to wake up in the middle of the night, every night.

3. Aches & Pains
"Many people do not realize that depression comes with physical symptoms," says Gallson. Stomach discomfort, nodes in the gut, a weakened immune system (cold and constant flu), aches and pains throughout the body and exacerbated chronic health problems (such as arthritis) may appear with an episode depressed.

4. Anger and irritability
"If you are continuously depressed, you can become extremely frustated, which can manifest as anger," says Kaey. "If you have shorter tipped that small daily problems suddenly become the power to literally ruin your day, it mat be that you are in depression"

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